Bean-Dot, Bean, PKVKNR, Killer B, my other half.

I have been through _so_ much with, for, and against this
girl, and it still amazes me that despite it all we still
need each other this much. Maybe it's because of all of

We first met each other in Junior Girl Scouts, around the
Elementary School Period, and we weren't really close back

However in the Middle School Period, she kept popping in
and out of my life. Again, we weren't very close, but we
talked a little more outside of Girl Scouts. Towards the
end of my 7th grade year, I sat with her and Adrian at
lunch some days (which is how I met Adrian). Britta would
also show up randomly on my bus when she was going over
Heather's house. This is when I got her to sign my 7th grade
yearbook (pretty much the only other signature in there
besides the fake ones I signed *g*).

It wasn't until I got into High School and she was a 10th
grader (she's a year older) that we became close. We
discovered that we had Sequential II Honors, Biology, and
Gym together (the last half of both our days). I protected
her from the evil soccer ball in gym, and she pretty much
bailed my ass out in math.
Probably the best picture I have of her
(in my opinion anyway). I know half of
her face is missing due to the sunlight
streaming in from the venetian blinds, but
I think that makes the picture look
more gothic.
Now, years later, she lives miles away on the left coast,
attending college and branching out into new directions.
I am left here to complete my senior year.

Over the summer, we had a little falling out that was, erm,
encouraged and helped along, but we managed to overcome it
after about seven months. It has now been three months or
so since we've mended the Great Rift between us, and while
it still takes some getting used to that we no longer live
five minutes away from each other, we're adjusting at an
astonishing speed.

I don't honestly know where I'd be without this girl. She's
probably the only friend I've ever had that I've cried over
or for more than once. We've been together through an
incredible amount of personal tragedies and triumphs, and
while we remain, sometimes literally, battle scarred, we
also have never relinquished the love that we have held onto
for each other. We never intended to become so wrapped in
each other, but fate intertwined our lives together, and I
have never been so glad for coincedences.
Eh, this one's not as good. She look
younger in this one, even though it
was taken the same day as the first.
I dunno. She's still pretty here though.
"Like the sun you warmed my soul
When our love was young
And in your arms you kept me
Safely from the storm."
"I, oh I
I'll never get by without your love
Believe me baby
I, oh I
I'll never get by without your love."
"I'll Never Get By" ~ Irene Sage