X-Files Fanfiction

The stories below have been written by me, Dana Quell. Feel free to contact me about any of them.

Completed Stories/Serials/Poems

Crystal Vial, TheScully and Mulder stumble across information
which they do not know they have,
thanks to a case assignment from Skinner.
EohA few murders and a trail of runes lead Mulder
and Scully to an abandoned warehouse
where they must face the killer.
Everybody's Irish On St. Paddy's DayIn the spirit of St. Patrick's Day...
Impractical JokesSpoilers for Arcadia.
February StarsLots of stars are out on a February evening.
Few Seconds More, AWhat if the hallway scene in FTF had lasted a
few seconds more?
GoodbyeIt's always hard to say goodbye...
Mothmen And Mr. RabbitAfter a death, can the survivor cope?
Poetry For a Rainy DayIt's a rainy day, and after seven years of being
Mulder's partner, is Scully finally ready to
throw in the proverbial towel?
SunsetsA quiet conversation up on the cliffs...
When the Snow FallsNew Year's Eve, 1999. A suspicious case. And
one little boy...


EarthquakeDuring an earthquake, the dynamic
duo gets separated.
King, TheEmily wasn't the only one.
Love You Left Behind, TheComing soon.
Newlywed Game, TheOur favourite agents go undercover...
on a game show.
Perfectly HappyA companion to "Rain King".
ReunionsScully gets invited to her reunion.
Something Lost, Something Gained
Based entirely on the events of
"Requiem". Major spoilers
StupidsSort of a sequel to "The Stupids" and
a light-hearted piece of X-Fluff.
Wildest Times of the WorldI don't exactly remember where I was
going with it.
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