Voyager FanFic

The stories below are written by me, Dana Quell. Feel free to comment on them to me.

Completed Stories/Serials/Poems

Christmas CheerChristmas, a time of giving. What will Voyager's
crew get for Christmas this year?
Conversation in the Dark First of the Conversation series.
Conversation of a Relationship
On the Rocks
Second of the Conversation series.
Conversation at an EndLast of the Conversation series.
Dark Night's WhisperPoem.
Day Tuvok Laughed, TheWhat can make a Vulcan laugh?
DornröschenA play, a parable, and a German title. What
more could one need? Except maybe leola root tart cakes...
Ensign That Cried Borg, TheThis is what happens when an Ensign cries Borg...
His RevengeSequel to OC- another wild night with the
senior staff.
HomeThere's no place like home, there's no place like
home, there's no place like home.
How the Ghosts/Apparitions
Stole Valentine's Day
A little Valentine's day humour.
How to Have Fun...Kathryn and the Amazing Technicolour Dream World...
MourningA crewman dies- how does the rest of them cope?
If You Can't Kill 'EmSequel to Dornröschen.
Night Before PrixinPoem.
OC(AKA Odd Coincedences
for an Odd Crew)
What incapacitates the senior staff better than
Rest of EternitySomething's seriously wrong with the captain,
but can she and Chakotay admit their feelings for
each other before it's too late?
Schlummer KahnA visit from an alien race leads to some
interesting twists.
StarsThere were so many stars...
Thus They DiedA few minutes in the snow...
Under the Old Oak TreeA vampire on board Voyager!
X Day, TheWhat happens when I receive a 1925 Dictionary
and decide to read the X Section? This happens!

Unfinished Stories/Serials/Poems

Bee's KneesSet in the "Dornröschen" series.
I Was ThereAn answer to a challenge (which I've forgotten).
In The SeaKathryn's mysterious death leaves the crew trying to find a way to cope.
KingVoyager meets up with a handsome and charming man whom Kathryn finds herself falling for, but is he all he's cracked up to be?
Lonely ChildChakotay's death leaves Kathryn feeling a bit lacking- so Q tries to fix things.
Lost Planet, TheA mysterious energy attacks Voyager and whisks Kathryn & Chakotay away to a planet that vanishes from sensors, where they suddenly find themselves the caretakers of several alien children.
Spirit WeekSet in the "Dornröschen" series.
Tomorrow's TomorrowWhere will you be during tomorrow's tomorrow?/td>
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