I Was There
By Dana Quell

"You know that talk we had?  Well, I'm pregnant."

***One Month Earlier***


The white wisps of wind swirled in patterns undeterminable by the human eye as the away team struggled to reach shelter.  The snowstorm had come suddenly, without warning, and they had been given no time to contact Voyager before their communications systems were knocked out.

Captain Kathryn Janeway was regretting her decision to lead the away team.  Both Tuvok and Chakotay had warned her of the dangers of going to the planet, but she assured them that she would be quite safe.  Well, she was safe enough, but her hands, unprotected from the cold and bitter snow, were beginning to show signs of frostbite.

She looked for the others in the team, but through the blinding white it was hard to see who was who.  She counted the dark shapes and, confident that there were as many there as there had been, led them this way and that, hoping to come across something they could use as a shelter.  Normally, she'd use her tricorder for that, but the snow was making it impossible to get any clear readings from it.  So her eyes would have to be her guides.

A shout went up from the scraggly line they had formed, but Kathryn never heard it over the roar of the wind.  So when the line began to move towards a small cave she had missed, she never saw them go through the huge white flakes.  She kept forging on ahead, looking for a shelter that had already been found.

After a couple of minutes she realised no one was following her and tried to retrace her steps- an impossible feat to do in the middle of the blizzard.  Realising that she couldn't feel much more of her hands and her toes were beginning to feel the same way, Kathryn reluctantly gave up her search for the missing away team and tried to find a shelter for herself, hoping that they would be okay.
Commander Chakotay took a head count of the crewmen he was responsible for in the cave that they had taken shelter in and turned to give the captain the good news- everyone was accounted for.  Except when he turned to locate the captain, he couldn't find her.  He took Crewman Lang's arm.

"Have you seen the captain?" he asked.

Crewman Lang shook his head.  "I thought she followed us in.  She's not here?"

Instead of answering Lang's question, Chakotay whirled and began to ask the entire away team.  The answers were all the same.  No, they all thought she was there but they hadn't seen her.  He debated the options.  He hated the thought of Kathryn being alone by herself out there, possibly getting frostbitten, but he couldn't risk sending a search team in case they got lost.  If he was only responsible for himself, he'd go out and find her.  But no, they'd just have to wait out the snowstorm and then go out looking for her.  He just hoped that it wouldn't be too late.
Shelter, at last.  She had found a small cave, not much bigger than the turbolift, but it was something to shield her from the biting wind.  Trying to warm herself, she breathed on her hands and rubbed them together.  Not much better, but they weren't too blue yet.  If she could just stop them from getting any colder, she could have the Doctor look at them when she got back.  If she got back...

Kathryn shook her head, trying to clear her head of such thoughts.  It was no good thinking things like that.  When the storm was over, she'd go searching for the rest of the away team, and they'd be able to beam out.  They'd all be fine, and they'd set a course through the stars to home, like always.

There was a noise from the back of the cave, and, though it was dark, she thought she could see movement.  Reaching for her phaser, she realised that she didn't have it.  She must have dropped it in the blizzard.

"Who's there?" Kathyrn called.  No one answered.  Instead, whatever (or whoever) lunged at her.  She dodged to the left, but she wasn't quick enough.  The thing grabbed her and began clawing at her.  It must have been an intelligent inhabitant of the planet that had been overlooked in initial scans, because before she knew what it was doing, it had ripped off her uniform and begun to rape her.

She cried out, though she knew that there was no one near to hear her.  Kathryn did all she could to fight the thing on top of her off, but it was much bigger and heavier than she was, and eventually she grew too weak to continue.  Her mind shut down her consciousness, completely shocked, and she thought of happy things.  There, the beach that she had found her spirit guide in.  She was on that shore right now, not in that dark cave, being raped by some creature that was unknown to her.  That was where her body was.  But her soul was on the beach.

Kathryn walked along the ocean's shore and the warm, balmy breeze helped her to forget what was happening to her body.  She must have walked at least two miles when she came upon a young child, building a sandcastle.

"Hello there," Kathryn greeted the little girl.  "My name's Kathryn.  What's yours?"

The girl regarded her for a few minutes, then spoke.  "Will you help me?"

Smiling, Kathryn nodded and began to help the little girl.
Seven of Nine stalked the halls of Voyager, looking for a male.  Any male.  The small bit of consciuosness that was left in her hormone addled brain was rationalizing what she was going through.  Her humanity was, little by little, reasserting itself.  It had been doing so since the day she had been separated from the Collective.  Well, now it was reasserting itself not so little by little.  The Doctor had explained to her about the "birds and the bees" but he had started to ramble on about his experiences, and she had left Sickbay when his back was turned.  And then Neelix had served DeNarian oysters for dinner.  That was when she had heard Lieutenant Paris tell Ensign Kim that oysters were aphrodisiacs.

So now her sex drive was reasserting itself.  Correction- it had never been asserted in the first place.  And in the second place- well, in the second place she needed to find someone to a) talk about this with, or 2) experience this with.  And since Captain Janeway wasn't due back from the planet for another couple of hours, Seven couldn't go with option A.  It would have to be option 2.

"Computer, locate Ensign Kim."

"Ensign Kim is in his quarters," the computer replied, not knowing what the former Borg planned to do with the information she had just received.
B'Elanna paced around her quarters, anxious about many important issues that were currently weighing down her mind.  Surprisingly enough, though, they were not Engineering-related.

Dirrdoop.  Someone wanted in.  "Come in," she called as she paced around her coffee table for the hundredth time.  Suddenly she felt strong arms wrap themselves around her shoulders and stop her in her tracks.  She spun around, ready to attack, but she saw it was only Tom.  "Oh.  It's you.  What do you want?"

He raised an eyebrow.  "Well, if I'm not wanted, I'll just go."


"No, don't go!"  She didn't want to be alone with her problems.  They weren't anything she exactly needed right now, and Tom had always done well to take her problems off her mind before.  Maybe he could do so now.

"Well, someone's a little moody today.  What's the problem?" Tom asked with concern.

B'Elanna took offense.  "Moody?  When have I ever been moody?  No, don't answer that."  He stared at her.  "I am not moody!"

"Ok," he agreed.

"I'm not!"
It was late when Seven managed to make her way to Harry's quarters- Neelix's oysters had been a little undercooked, and she had to make a stop at Sickbay before she could get to Ensign Kim.  Fortunately the Doctor wasn't in a talkative mood, so he didn't detain her longer than necessary.

Now it was nearly oh-two-hundred hours and she found herself standing in a brightly lit corridor outside the door of the man who would give her satisfaction for the first time.  She had knew all about copulation from the memories of her ex-fellow Borg and the various positions that one could find one's self in, but now her stomach was churning.  What was wrong with her?  She had just come from Sickbay and the Doctor had pronounced her fit.

Her hand went up to ring the chime, but she hesitated.  The rational part of her brain was racing to defend both sides of the action she was about to take, and it looked as if the negative side was winning.

"What d'ya want with that guy, anyway?" a voice called to her, seemingly from thin air.  "He's probably asleep anyway."