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Can't think of a story idea for that new fic you've been promising everyone? Well, tough. These ideas are all mine, I'm not sharing, and you had better get your grubby hands away from them before I call the Fic Patrol.

Just kidding. These story ideas are up for grabs. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can go ahead and take these ideas right off this l'il page of mine. All I ask is that you dedicate the story to me, for giving you this idea.

So, now that you've got the rules clear, feel free to browse through the story ideas at random. Just keep in mind that I'll try to update this page as soon as I get a new idea in my head, but I might forget it before I can get to a computer or piece of paper. Bear with me on this one, folks.

Star Trek: Voyager

A Full Box of Kisses:
The story goes that some time ago, a man punished his 3-year-old daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became infuriated when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, the little girl brought the gift to her father the next morning and said, "This is for you, Daddy."
He was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction, but his anger flared again when he found the box was empty. He yelled at her, "Don't you know that when you give someone a present, there's supposed to be something inside it?"
The little girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes and said, "Oh, Daddy, it is not empty. I blew kisses into the box. All for you, Daddy."
The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little girl, and he begged for her forgiveness. It is told that the man kept that gold box by his bed for years and whenever he was discouraged, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.
In a very real sense, each of us as humans have been given a gold container filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children, friends, family or God. There is no more precious possession anyone could hold.

Anybody else thinking Janeway, Chakotay, Valentine's Day, and an Angry Warrior Legend? Thanks to B for sending the forward to me that inspired the idea in the first place.

Death, Angst, And Chocolate Cake: A Comedic Tragedy
Someone dies, someone Kathryn's close to, possibly Tuvok. She gets depressed, goes through this angsty thing, and then starts eating to make her feel better. Pretty soon she's this hideous blimp who can't stop eating. The crew has to make the doors wider so she can fit through them. The couches and chairs won't support her weight anymore. She can't fit into her command chair on the bridge, and when she tries, she gets stuck. This leads to more depression and thoughts about killing herself. Chakotay intervenes, thinks brighten up, she goes on a diet, she gets back to her old self, she and Chakotay marry, and they live happily ever after with all their children, who are, surprisingly skinny.

That's all for now. I had some more ideas in this brain o' mine, but they're gone now. Don't know where they went to. So anyways, if they decide to come back, I'll post 'em. BTW, you might be wondering why, if I have all these wonderful ideas, would I post them up so that somebody else can write them? Would you believe I'm a very caring and giving person? Thought not. No, let's see. I've got too many ideas to write in such a little time as it is, and with school coming up, I've decided I can't write them all, but I can't bear to see them not written. So I'm putting my little babies up for adoption. Please take good care of them!

Dana Quell
Dana Quell