Title: Ship Voyager

Author: Dana Quell

Rating: PG-14

Summary: Mulder and Scully are mysteriously transported to the twenty-fourth century Delta Quadrant, where we meet up with our favorite starship and crew.

Disclaimer: Alas, the X-Files does not belong to me, for if it had, Queequeeg would be with us still. Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Margaret, Bill Jr, Tara, Mathew and Charles (I think I got them all, pardon me if I missed a few) belong to Chris Carter, 1013 Productions, and 20th Century. No infringement was intended in writing this. Star Trek belongs to the 'Rock', Paramount, and I don't know who else. Those you recognize from that universe belong to Paramount. Again, no infringement intended. Jeri Nivene, her parents, and her friends belong to me, however, as does this story idea for a crossover between my two favorite shows. Ralph belongs to me. Any characters which you don't recognize from either show probably belong to me. Any character resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidence.

Songs used: Okay, I realize I used a lot of them, but I think I've got them all here. Um, there was Fastball's "The Way", the Platter's "Twilight Time", Liz Phair's "Polyesther Bride", "Ride", and "Go On Ahead" so far.

Author's Notes: Hey! Thank you all for tuning in on this very special day for me. This is probably the farthest I've ever gotten with one of my stories, and damn proud of it, too! This was started in maybe January of 1998, when I all but forgot about it until June. I then resurrected it, and lo and behold! It's alive! Let me explain a few things. I didn't think that there were any really good XF- ST:VOY crossovers, either, so I decided to write this. I was also angry that no tv shows ever come to my town, here on Long Island, and so I have brought them here. I have brought them to my town, and they have thrived, don't you think? They deserve it, for their courageous efforts, too. Whoops, I digressed a bit too much. Anyway, WHB is a real town, and placing the story in a real town which I know made it easier to write (don't ask why, I don't know). This got so long, though, that I had to cut some scenes out, b/c it threatened to swallow my hardrive. Whoops. Anyway, enjoy.

Special thanks & dedications: Ok, Rachel, you get my thanks, for (technically) introducing me to these universes, and for whacking me on the head so many times with the many objects (the spiral notebooks, shoes, and bowling balls). Adrian, Christi, Sabrina, you guys get my thanks for inspiration (especially you, Adrian, for grossing me out so much at lunch last year). I thank my muse, wherever and whoever you may be, for the creativity. Britta, Ali, you guys get thanks for the support, even though you didn't know I was writing this, and probably still don't know it exists. Nora, my thanks to you for sticking with the incessant questions about the X- Files in the summer of '97. I know it was annoying, but thanks for answering them. Also to the JetCjr6 group (you guys are wonderful, and though I was halfway through the story when I met you, you are responsible for the inspiration to the J/C aspect of it after the P/T and M/S aspects. And finally, to my family, intermediate and otherwise, for love and support.

Thanks for bearing with this! Now to Chapter 1: Beginnings of a Circle.