The Furby Story

Once, a long time ago...


What?! I'm trying to tell a story here, Jihana.

Well, for one thing, you're going about it all wrong.

*hands on hips*Oh, I am, am I?

*exasperated sigh* Yes, Lis. You are. Now, what kind of story are you trying to tell?

Well, it's a nice story, about Furbies. And the hell that they cause people.

*rolls eyes* Nice story, Lis? I don't think so. All Furbies cause are pain and suffering. And you're making it sound like it's a nice little fairy tale.

Well, in a way, it kind of is.

How so?

Um, all the good characters get together at the end? And all the rotten, mean, bad people die. And those annoying Furbies get blasted to hell in "Innocent Beginings" by those phasers that Voyager has.

Great, spoil all the endings. See, that's how wrong you're doing this.

Well then, Ms. Jihana I-Know-It-All Korrus, why don't you show me how it's done.

With pleasure. It's always good showing you up. *clears throat* Once there was a big movie company, who produced the Gremlin movies. These movies were instantly a hit. A couple of years, later, another company, this one a toy, began mass producing a product, known as Furbies. These Furbies instantly became popular with both the young and the old. But the good folks over at Gremlin decided that these Furbies looked way too much like the little lovable killer creatures in the movies, so they decided to sue the bad people of the Furbies. So a battle ensued in the courtrooms, until finally a judge came to the decision. The company that produced the Furbies would become a subsidary of the company of Gremlins. And so the good folks of Gremlins were happy. Everyone was happy...
Until one day, when the Gremlins company decided that they were going to make the Furbies even more Gremlin like, in actions, so they decided to place a chip at the base of it's neck which would make it more aggressive. By putting two Furbies together, one would kill the other, instead of the old way where they would sing and dance. And thus, became a new age, where everyone was still, well, happy. But then, the Furbies began to attack, divide, and conquer.
*steps back to admire work* Why, I do declare. I did a much better job than you, Lis.

Hmph. Then you can do the rest. *walks away*

Fine. *turns to you, the Reader* Well, hello there. I am your host, Jihana Korrus, though I am not your original host. That was supposed to be Lis's job, the one that she might actually have been able to handle, but... *shrugs*...guess not. Anyway, I am here to tell you about this ongoing project that me and my fellow friends and pondies are working on. You did read the top of this page, right? Where I explained everything about the Furbies and the Gremlins? If not, go back up and read it. RIGHT NOW! Good, now that you've read it, you're ready to read the stories. Unfortunately, none of them are finished quite yet. So you'll have to wait a while. But don't worry, they're worth waiting for. Trust me. ;) If you'd like to write a Furby story for your favorite tv show, please, send it to me, at Thanks.

The Furby Story
The X-FilesNot yet written
Highlander: The RavenNot yet written
Star Trek: VoyagerPart 1-The Awakening
Part 2-Recognizing Danger
Part 3-Naomi & Rolyats

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the story above involving the Gremlins company and the Furby company, while based upon rumors, has no value in the real world. The authors have just used this as an underlying theme explaining why Furbies would suddenly go on killing sprees.
Please also keep in mind that Furbies do NOT, I repeat, NOT, go on killing sprees, though sometimes they do have a tendency to kill each other (Don't believe me? Mail me and I will explain to you what happened to one of my brother's friend's Furby.
The above listed tv shows are also not belonging to the authors; neither are the companies. They belong to whoever they belong to, but not us (don't we wish?).