The Greatest Cat I Ever Knew

Dedicated to Britta, the Greatest Cat
From Al, with love and hope

The greatest cat I ever knew
Was not a cat at all
Yet every day she mewed and mewed
And never took a fall
Always was she in her world
Always was I near
Never before and never again had I a friend so dear.

The greatest cat I ever knew
Was the best friend I ever had
Others to her were closer
But that never made me mad
She talked and talked to me of them
And now I tell you of her
Every day when smiling she made a little purr.

Now the months have turned to years
And hopefully there'll be more
Oh what wonderful things will for us life have in store?

The greatest words I ever heard
Said softly by a cat
I suppose they were the greatest words because they were said like that.

Oh she was smart and quick, but there was things still left to learn
The most important being our love she'll never have to earn.